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Asturias Federation Of Employers (FADE)Asturias Federation Of Employers (FADE)

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Historia de FADE: José Mdez. Prado, Francisco Glez. Zardón, Severino García Vigón, Arturo Corte Mier y Jesús Martínez; los presidentes de FADE, a excepción del fallecido Marcelino Somohano.

The Asturian Federation of Entrepreneurs was founded in 1977 and represents the interests of the entrepreneurs in the Principality of Asturias. The affiliation is optional.

Currently, the Federation is made up of nearly 100 territorial and sectorial business associations, which at the same time comprise nearly 35,000 companies located throughout the territory of the Autonomous Community of Asturias. The Federation is also made up of more than 40 large companies that operate in Asturias and due to their type of business, sales volume, turnover, staff, or social importance are directly affiliated to the Federation as singular companies.

The Federation acts in the region as an official representative of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and the Spanish Confederation of Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (CEPYME).


The main objectives of the Asturian Federation of Entrepreneurs are the following:

  • To represent the interests of the Asturian entrepreneurs, contributing to the economic growth and welfare of our society.
  • To promote the creation of a proper business activity environment in our region.
  • To open the way for talks between the entrepreneurs and other political, economic and social powers as the Government, Public Administrations, Trade Unions, etc.
  • To continuously follow up the economic, social and labour activity of Asturias to promote solutions which enable companies' growth to increase.

Governing bodies

The Asturian Federation of Entrepreneurs is organised according to the following governing bodies:

General meeting

Is the supreme organ of government and decision-making body of the Federation. It comprises a variable number of voting members, elected by each one of the associations and singular companies of the Federation.

At the General Meeting the Chairman is elected, the budgets of each financial year are approved, the articles of association are amended, etc.

Board of directors

Is the permanent governing, management and administrative body of the Federation. It comprises the Chairman, the members of the Executive Committee and a representative of each one of the associations and singular companies.

Executive comitee

Is the permanent body of advice and support for the Chairman. Out of its members, the Chairman names the Vice Presidents and the Treasurer.


Pedro Luis FernándezHe is elected every 4 years and represents the Federation. He makes all kinds of diligences according to what is set forth in the articles of association.

Management bodies

The running of the Federation is organised at the General Secretariat, which represents the executive management of the Federation. It is in charge of supervising, managing and coordinating the different activities of the technical areas.

The Treasurer is in charge of the accounting and financial management together with the General Secretary.

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Main Offices

Pintor Luis Fernández, 2. 33005

Tel: 985 23 21 05


FADE Building
Profesor Potter, 51 - 33203

Tel: 985 30 80 13


La Curtidora
Gutiérrez Herrero, 52 - 33402

Tel: 985 12 91 09